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Here’s how it’s done: BGU trainers train BG professionals so they can train service professionals, like you in automotive shops and dealerships. Then, the service advisors can educate consumers.

We are committed to helping you succeed! Training is an important part of successful operations. Our BG Reps provide a variety of training and seminars for all aspects of your operation. We are committed to educating automotive service professionals about the importance of vehicle maintenance and the incredible value that BG Automotive Maintenance Services can bring to your business.

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Service Advisor Training, Technician Training, Consulting Services, Customer Retention, Webinars, and Menus

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Become BG Certified

In 2012, we launched BG Certified, a training website for service advisors and technicians. We updated the training program in 2019, with new additions like a mobile-friendly user interface and interactive course material. The updated program also includes training for service managers and parts managers.


Automotive professionals can simply click the Certified button on the BG Dashboard (BG’s resource space) and get the certification necessary to educate people about the value of automotive maintenance for their cars.

BG Certified uses videos, demonstrations and interactive diagrams to teach automotive professionals a consistent, credible message about the importance, the methods and the rewards of effective automotive maintenance with BG products.

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